Fun Basque Activities for the Solo Backpacker

Fun Basque Activities for the Solo Backpacker

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It means you know how to have fun on your own! If you’re on your way to Basque for a solo adventure, you’re doing the right thing. Camino del Norte has quality adventures in store for the solo backpacker.


Camino del Norte


Txakoli Winery Tour

For a price range of €22-59, you can roam around vineyards and visit old wine cellars for tasting Txakoli. Txakoli is a dry, sparkling white wine. For the premium packages, you can even receive a bottle of Txakoli as a gift.

Gastronomy Galore

Ever heard of Basque’s delicacy, Pintxos (pronounced as Pinchos)? If you have, then you must try the Pintxos tasting tour in San Sebastian, Basque. With just a tour guide and €80-103, you can enjoy their famous snack. For more information, click here

Visiting Museums

Did you know you could avail a package that tours in three museums? For a price that starts at €99-149, you can visit Guggenheim of Bilbao, North Road, Artium of Vitoria and Balenciaga of Getaria.

How do you access these activities? You can hire a tour agency from Basque such as Bascoming and let them smooth out your adventure wrinkles for you.

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