Ensuring Safety While Working at Heights

Ensuring Safety While Working at Heights

Heights can be frightening for some people, but others make a career out of it.

Are you one of the latter? Regardless of how skilled you are at your job, safety should always be a priority.

And if you happen to be a contractor with people working at heights, you have to ensure they stay safe at all times, especially if they are dangerously floating up in the air. Even with a safety harness and protective equipment, have fall protection systems Brisbane offers installed.

Falls are debilitating and, in worse cases, deadly. But when you have fall protection systems in Brisbane installed in roofs and construction sites, you not only protect people and pedestrians but also your interest and business. Don’t get slapped by liability claims that could run by the thousands or millions.

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But Brisbane fall protection systems are not the only safety measure for working at heights. There are more.

Fall Protection Solutions

Protective Rails

It doesn’t matter whether protective rails are built by job site carpenters or pre-fabricated as long as you have them installed. Provide additional form of passive protection for everyone working on site.

Proper PPE

The right personal protective equipment (PPE) is a full-body harness that meets ANSI standards. Don’t settle for anything less. You may pay more for such PPE but the functionality you get is more than worth it.

A fireproof material, extra D-rings, or arc-safe design can make a huge difference where your safety is concerned.

Harnesses come in many types – standard nylon, Kevlar, retractable or not, etc. What you choose should depend on the kind of work that needs to be done. Welding at heights, for example, calls for a standard nylon harness.

Reinforce PPE by installing fall protection systems Brisbane offers.

Scaffold vs Lift vs Ladder

A scaffold will allow you to work at heights, but it will not apply to all construction work. There are times when a lift is a more sensible and safer choice. Other times, all you really need is a ladder.

In any case, fall protection systems Brisbane has to offer must be installed on the work area as this is one of your fall protection solutions.

It is also important that you or the people who will be using a lift, scaffold, and ladder know exactly what they are doing.

Does it really take a genius to use a ladder? Apparently, yes. This is especially true with a step ladder or an extension ladder where you’re not allowed to step at certain rungs. Didn’t thought of that at all? Well, now you know.

Anyone using the lift, on the other hand, must be properly tied off, except when using the scissor lift where a gate or chain provides security and protection.


Not a tool exactly, but the proper training can save your life more times than any fall protection solutions can. Know exactly what you’re supposed to do and how you should eliminate any confusion and mistakes that will cost you your life.

Even if you find fall protection systems Brisbane has to offer from companies like Speedsafe Australia, you must undergo training or ensure that everyone working at heights is properly trained.

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